Driving to Success

Ambition is the fuel to succeeding. You can only be successful if you have a goal in mind – but to be honest, that’s just step 1 of the whole process.

Making goals is the easy part – you know the saying: “It’s easier said than done.” What is difficult is completing the proceeding steps without losing motivation. 

Sometimes I feel that although we fill ourselves with the fuel of ambition in the beginning, we don’t efficiently utilize this. Instead of using our ambition to power our way through to achieving our goals, we end up losing most of our fuel through the tailpipe – in this case, our mouths. Spending more time talking about what it is you want to achieve instead of working your motors to arrive at that destination is almost the same thing as losing gas in an idle car. Various social experiments have also found that “announcing your plans to others satisfies your self identify just enough that you’re less motivated to do the hard work needed,” (Sivers, 2016). So step 2: Less talk, more work.

Once the working progress towards achievement  begins, many people start to lose their motivation as they feel that they don’t have as strong of a willpower to put in the extra work and effort, and to exercise additional patience they didn’t foresee to be required along their paths. 

If you live in Toronto, you’ll know that there’s always construction on the road. Of course, this acts as an obstacle for many drivers and thus requires additional effort and patience. Some people need to leave their homes earlier, some people need to work up the courage to safely drive through such busy and cramped streets, some people will look up alternative routes to their destination, etc. Obstacles or the requirement of additional effort should never be sufficient to have one abandon their goals. If they are, it just means that there was not enough fuel of ambition at the beginning of the path when the goals were being created. 

In addition to this concept of construction work on the roads, sometimes road blockages can also lead to severe traffic jams. In this situation, you have 2 types of drivers: those who patiently wait through the traffic, and those who are in a rush to cut through lanes or find a different route to get out from the jam as soon as possible. The tendency to rush and the lack of patience in these drivers actually increase road risk for themselves, other drivers, and nearby pedestrians as the chances of an accident occurring goes up as well. There is no way you will be getting to your desired destination if you get into an accident. So step 3: take your time, put in the extra effort as nothing comes easy, and don’t fall victim to obstacles – you’re stronger than that.

Finally, don’t forget that there are traffic lights on the road to ensure control and safety. It is never safe to overwork yourself so make sure to stop and take breaks when necessary. Be cautious of anything that may lead you to your “flat tire” or to an “accident.” Avoid people that are unsupportive, force your way to overcome any obstacles that you come across, and don’t become too upset when you miss those green lights because another one will come shortly. In other words, don’t be afraid to try again.

Life is all about hard work if you want to live happily. Therefore, it is important to live with as much ambition as possible, as that is what will drive you to where it is that you really want to be.


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