Most people try to go about things by following what those around them tend to do. However, I don’t think that’s how it should work.

Everyone has their own way of holding a pencil – they may have been taught to hold it a certain way, but people hold their pens and pencils the way they deem to be the most comfortable for them.

Why can’t people take life that way? I feel that people are so endorsed into “fitting in” that they throw away their sense of individuality. They don’t try multiple versions of doing the same thing, they don’t experiment, they don’t try new things to find that comfort and convenience that come with doing things their own way.

In fact, most people are afraid of trying new things – the ambiguity of the outcome refrains them from doing so. However, isn’t there a first time to everything? Aren’t the trends set today existant because someone had the courage to try something new? 

Life is short and there’s so much room for adventure and spontaneity. We should be spending it by trying new things, discovering ourselves, refining what we have to the fullest of our capabilities while providing the world with a little seasoning of our own. Who wants a bland society of abundance when there is potential of flavouring with the eccentricity that comes with each individual? 

There are so many opportunities to reinvent and express oneself with the multiple new interactions one experiences on a day-to-day basis. Conforming only takes away from being who we are. All plants start off looking pretty much the same, but are all distinctly characterized once they have fully grown and bloomed. If people continue to simply conform to what is common with the fear of rejection or the fear of trying something new to express themselves… let’s just say it’s a lot more pleasing to look at a garden filled with a variety of different plant species than it is to look at a garden with solely one type of plant. 



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