“Missed opportunities only make room for an upcoming opportunity of greater value.” – Me

Life for students is definitely very busy as everyone struggles to fit in time for studying, eating, exercising, participating in extra-curricular activities, maintaining a social life, sleeping, etc. Being busy may keep our minds off of a lot of unnecessary things, but trying to fit in and balance everything into a period of insufficient time can cause a lot of stress. This stress can sometimes lead to things like missed deadlines or inefficient performance or presentation of oneself. 

Although there are numerous effective strategies students implement to help them remember as many deadlines and important dates as possible, weeks, and even days, can become so packed that it is very easy to accidentally overlook a reminder. 

As for the inefficient performance, imagine having lectures, a midterm,  a lab, and a job interview all on the same day. You probably would have spent the night before studying hard for your midterm knowing today would be a busy day. The stress of your midterm may have even caused you to lose some sleep. Labs are always hectic due to limited time so you were probably anxious for the entire duration of the lab, hoping to complete the procedure and report on time to prevent any chance of losing marks. You want to maintain a reasonable GPA so during your lectures, despite how burnt out you’d feel, you’d probably diligently pay attention and take notes. The midterm would definitely be a stressful experience and by the time you’d get to your job interview, can you really expect to be at your best performance? It would be difficult to do so! 

There are so many things we all want to do but our circumstances don’t always agree with our plans. This can occur due to finances, inconvenient timing and scheduling, restrictions, etc. Knowing this, would you say that we should always let our circumstances decide how our lives fold out? Well, if we did, life wouldn’t be so adventurous – there would be no such thing as taking risks. There would be no point in putting in the extra effort in order to accomplish something that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. 

So if you get rejected from a job for which your interview was on a jam packed day, or if you miss the deadline for an internship position you really wanted because you just had too much going on that day, would you say it’s all over? No – of course not! You don’t  stop playing a game no matter how many times you crash or fail until you get the “Game Over” signal. The only Game Over we have in life is death and so there is no reason for us to beat ourselves over opportunities that either don’t work out or are missed. 

Just think of those missed opportunities as those moments in a game where you have to wait 24 hours for another hint to complete the round. The failure of completing the current round gets you frustrated at the time, but after 24 hours, you still go back to the game in hopes of getting a better hint, dont you? At this point, not only do you get a better hint (an opportunity of greater value), but you have more experience resulting from the previous hints (the missed or unsuccessful opportunities). 

If we all took this mindset we have when we play games and applied it to our life with regards to all the opportunities we are presented with, I believe that more people would be willing to work harder and longer towards their goals. 


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