Nobody likes waiting – I certainly don’t.

Waiting is something we all do on the daily. We have to wait while we cook, but we can never be certain of how good our dish will end up tasting. Some of us wait for the bus when using public transport, yet we never really know how loud, quiet, packed or empty the next bus will turn out to be. For those of us who enjoy online shopping, we have to wait for our purchased products to be sent to us, but there is always a chance that the product’s quality won’t match to its online image or description. For a lot of these examples, despite the uncertainty of their outcomes, we don’t really stress or constantly worry during the waiting process. The stress and worrying occurs only when there an additional factor to the wait. What if you’re rushing to cook a dish for an important guest? What if you’re on crutches, are short on time and so really need the next bus to be less packed? What if the product you bought online is meant to be a present to someone who means a lot to you? 

I believe this additional aspect to waiting is perhaps why waiting for exam results is the worst. 

Imagine we went to university only to enrich our knowledge – to learn simply out of interest. If this were to be the case, exams wouldn’t really stress us out. The grade would have no value with regards to our future and would only symbolize our interest for the subject. Passing one course would be of no prerequisite to another and our GPA would have no impact on what our future would hold in terms of professional school or employment. It would kind of be like cooking simply to feed ourselves, or waiting for the bus simply to get from one location to another without worrying about the time or the bus’s condition.  

Unfortunately,  that isn’t how our education system works. Our marks determine how our following year will fold out, what courses we would be allowed to enroll into, whether our GPA would qualify us for our professional school of choice, whether our grades are sufficient to provide us with a degree to become employed. The additional aspects of our grades carving the path to our future is what gets a lot of students anxious as they sit around waiting for their marks to be released. To make matters worse, for the most part, students are not able to come up with an affirmed decision regarding their future without knowing their results. 

In the end, not only do our grades end up controlling the outcome of our future,  but they also control the waiting process if we allow our thoughts concerning our grades to take over our mind. 

One thing for certain is that although our grades play a major role in terms of how our future may roll out, it definitely isn’t the only thing that affects it. And thus, I believe it is important for us to invest more time into our hobbies and spending time with family and friends after exams to fully forget about our brutal exam periods. Why? Because once our exams are written, we have no further control of how our results turn out. Our hobbies can spark alternative interests for our future and socializing can open us up to various networks. Like I said before, grades don’t determine all so they aren’t really worth stressing over once we have no control over them. We should stop letting numbers control our thoughts and lives and try to start controlling them on our own. 


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