Being Short

I’m short – standing at 5 ft. 2.

To be honest, I always knew I was short but didn’t realize how short I really was until I went to university and realized that 90% of the people there were taller than me. It is seriously the worst when someone taller than me complains about how hard life is with them being at their height. Like excuse me?


I mean, just like everything else, being short comes with both, advantages and disadvantages, and so for this post, I will be listing some perks along with some drawbacks that maybe other short people can relate to. If you’re reading this post and can’t relate to being short – it must be nice knowing about a whole new world I’m not exposed to; nonetheless, here’s a small taste of mine (pun not intended).


  • I’m forever young. In addition to my short height, I have a young face too and am usually mistaken to be about 15 or 16 years old. I mean I guess this can be a disadvantage too considering the fact that I am always getting ID’d despite being 19, or that I’m usually not taken seriously at first, but hey, while everyone else ages and starts looking older, I’ll be walking around like:


  • My friends are always complaining about not having enough leg room on the bus or in lecture halls. Nope, not a problem for me.
  • I can comfortably fit into any bed which was very handy for the dorm life.
  • I can fit into tiny spaces. This is especially helpful  when I end up dropping something into tight, crammed areas and have to go through the trouble of getting it back.
  • I don’t always have to crouch over, thus my back is saved.
  • I have shorter neural pathways so information travels to my brain a lot faster, allowing me to perceive sensory information a lot faster – proven by neuroscientists.
  • Long clothes can be trimmed but short clothes can’t be elongated –  or at least it’s easier to trim than to lengthen.
  • I’m cute by default (jokes).



  • I can get through crowds in most situations but if I’m ever stuck at the back of a crowd, I. can’t. see. anything! The worst is when I’m at a concert, or the movies, or even in lecture, and someone tall decides to sit in front of me. I don’t even have enough space to try to look at what’s going on by trying to peer through either side of this tall being, so I’m usually stuck sitting there all like:anigif_enhanced-buzz-16528-1401463757-4
  • Not being able to reach things on the top shelves, especially when grocery shopping. It is so embarrassing to have to ask strangers for help after struggling through a failed attempt.
  • Friends like to tease me. A lot. I’m either stuck being an armrest, being constantly reminded of how short I am through nicknames, or partake in long periods of :


  • I feel like when I’m surrounded by a lot of people in crowds, I’m either stuck looking at people’s chests or have my face directly under people’s armpits. This happens a lot in crowded areas like concerts, crowded trains and buses, and is the worst during the summer.
  • Speaking of trains and buses, here’s a common scenario… kind of:


  • Cars aren’t made for me. I had to sit on top of a pillow on my seat during driving school.
  • Kitchen cupboards are made way too high. Like I need to either jump on top of the counter or pull over a chair.
  • Ankle socks are still too big for me
  • You know when doctors tell you to sit on the little bed thing in their office? Yeah.. it’s embarrassing when you struggle to get on and so are offered a stool for an extra boost.
  • I’m always stuck at the front of group photos.
  • I sometimes get ignored when I wave to people because they “didn’t see me.” Well, excuse you.
  • There are so many clothes I can’t wear because they don’t seem to look good on short people. If I really want to pull of such outfits, I need to depend on heels which is just another story of discomfort.

And there you have it! The pros and cons! Despite all the struggles that come with being short, life down here isn’t always too bad πŸ™‚









8 Comments Add yours

  1. munabanana says:

    Can’t say that I feel you but I am 5″4… Embrace your height, I am kinda the average height I guess. I totally hate it when people use my shoulder as an arm rest sometimes πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahaha yup! I mean we all have to deal with what we have, right? πŸ™‚


      1. munabanana says:

        Yup!!! Btw, reading your posts makes me jealous cos I wanna blog too but I have finals to cram for 😬


      2. Omg girl don’t worry! I finished my finals on Tuesday which is why I decided to start this πŸ˜‚ Use blogging to get through your finals 😁 GOOD LUCK!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. munabanana says:

        Nopeeeee, can’t do, I take super Long to come up with my posts, if you read all of them, you would spent probably 100 hours on them


      4. munabanana says:

        Know I spent*


      5. Haha I am heading to work now but once I am there I will be reading through your some of your posts today 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      6. munabanana says:

        That’s so nice of you ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

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