Today’s world, Women, and Education

Women’s rights is a big topic today and I, as a young woman, am very proud of how far women have come to this day as compared to previous generations due to their hard work and perseverance.

I may not voice my opinion too often, but I am a big advocate when it comes to women’s rights and education. I really believe that the world can change if everyone gets an equal opportunity to education. I mean, if you think about it, most of the problems that exist in today’s world, whether it be political, environmental, or having to do with relationships, can be traced back to a lack of knowledge, expressed through misunderstandings, assumptions, and furthermore, ignorance.

Women all over the world are deprived of educational opportunities for various reasons.  Sometimes, this is due to a patriarchal system, while other times it’s simply a consequence of poverty. As many of you may know, the population has been growing at insane rates through the previous decade – at a rate that is faster than ever before in human history. Obviously, overpopulation is a big issue right now, as with the increasing population, there is a greater need for resources and food. These demands then later contribute to other phenomenons such as global warming, deforestation and soil degradation.

It blows my mind that political leaders don’t stop to consider the fact that perhaps women are the key to solving a lot of the conflicts that exist today. Instead of investing so much capital into weapons that in no way solves any problems, why aren’t governments investing into providing education for young women? If the population continues to grow at its current rate, the consequences would be lamentable. Although we can expect a larger population to provide more labour, there is in no way enough job opportunities with sufficient salaries to support everyone – the job market is already terrible in the present state. Moreover, we can only naturally grow so much food before turning to technology which obviously comes with greater health risks, and finally, there isn’t even enough land or resources to support so many individuals. Everything is finite.

If women in developing countries were educated regarding various methods of birth control, sex-ed, proper hygiene and health practices, nutrition, demography, basic literacy skills, etc., so many of these problems could be on their way to getting resolved. Educated women would be less likely to contact autoimmune diseases, have less children, have a higher chance at escaping poverty, and  live as healthier individuals. The results from this would only be profitable, changing the direction in which the world is headed at its current state! Furthermore, educating women would undoubtedly increase the chances of having our future generations educated as well as children learn the most from their mothers. The benefits of implementing this policy of educating women is indisputable!

I’ve always felt fortunate to have been able to receive an education and feel that I should take advantage of this to learn as much as I can and to pass on what I learn to create a stronger community. With my generation slowly becoming the leaders of today’s world, and with the increasing number of activists participating in the women’s rights movement, I really hope policies regarding women’s education become implemented. This world needs change and it is time to stop investing into events like war which only wastes additional resources, destroys greater amounts of land, adds to the number of people living in poverty, and discards of individuals who can grow to become bright leaders of our future. We need the opposite of all of this. 



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